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Some kid from Australia. Loves music, especially of the electronic variety. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Warp Records

Madvillain - Strange Ways

Madvillainy // STH2065


Full album now streaming!

Debut album Permanent Revelation from Sydney’s Anomie on new label All In Your Mind Records.

Discovering that you actually have the knowledge and skills to do something that you previously thought was totally out of reach? A+++


Leon Vynehall - Butterflies

Royal Oak // ROYAL023


a new club experience

Girl Unit - Club Rez (Rizzla’s New Club Cecile Bootleg)

Night Slugs // Free download

I hate having bare walls. The sound of a room without posters or something to dampen the reverberation really grates on me.

Basic Channel - Q 1.1/III

Q1.1 // BC004

(Source: 2257ad)

CDR Sydney June 2014 Selections Mixtape

The latest CDR Selections Mixtape includes outstanding new tunes from some of Sydney’s finest. Commit and Matrices bring some deep dubstep, Anomie takes to the streets with a new vocal cut featuring Shamik and Monk Fly lets loose another fierce footwork riddim. Kwze’s “Burnnn” will throw you into the stratosphere, but Nick Forrest is sure to bring you gently back to earth with “Found Sounds.”

CDR is a place for music producers of all kinds to share their latest unreleased works and hear them played on a killer soundsystem. The next CDR Sydney session will be at 7pm on Friday August 1st, at 107 Projects in Redfern.

Kwze - Chewy
Corner Store Heroes - Balloon
Anomie - Rise Up (feat. Shamik)
SKRK_ - Temple
Small Prey - ChoCho Blur
Kwze - Burnnn
Kid Fiction - You and I
Matrices - Distractions
Commit - Crater
Monk Fly - Ma Juke
Nick Forrest - Found Sounds
Scatterbrain - More Human Than Human


Pinch - Obsession (The Possession) (Shed Remix)

Tectonic // TEC078

Hudson Mohawke - Ooops!

LuckyMe + Wireblock // LMWB001

Beans dropped this one at Afterlife last night - KILLA.